Social responsibility policy

Social responsibility is in focus of Aviplast Plastics Industries as related to employees’ rights and continuous improvement in working conditions:

  •  The Company has implemented a management system that establishes responsibility, supports policies and provides training and guidance to increase employees’ awareness of social responsibility and their rights in the workplace.
  • The Company supports the protection of international workers’ rights. Employees and contractors are required to meet international standards of worker rights.
  • The Company does not employ children or support the use of child labor.
  • The Company provides a safe and healthy work environment at all sites and facilities takes appropriate steps to prevent accidents and damage to health during work by reducing, as far as possible and reasonably, the causes of risks at work.
  • The Company maintains procedures to deal with and handle employee complaints.
  • The Company ensures that the salary composition and benefits detailed tp employees.
אישור התכנית לאחריות חברתית

Employee Representative – Baha Zariki